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so early?

Furi Kuri
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Well, this is pretty self-explanatory. A community dedicated to FLCL, simple as that.

There are a total of six OVA episodes (each episode on a seperate DVD in the original Japanese release and two per DVD in the U.S. Synch-Point release) and two manga volumes (released in the States by Tokyopop).

Rules: Be respectful (that's a duh), make posts that relate to the topic only, cut large (use your judgement... anything bigger than 300x300 should probably be cut) pictures, and if you're going to ask a question, PLEASE read at least the entries on the first page first to make sure you don't double-post. Duplicate questions will be deleted!!! There's been way too much of that, especially since the community has grown quite a bit.
Because I've seen SO much of this... DON'T ASK FOR PILLOWS GUITAR TABS IN THIS COMMUNITY! SOME Pillows-related questions/posts are fine, as they are connected to FLCL, but that question has been asked SO many times before, and people ALWAYS seem to forget that there IS a community dedicated ENTIRELY to The Pillows, the_pillows.
If users post icons/graphics to share and ask for credit, I expect to see you credit them. Because they are involved with MY community, I hold you responsible for the works of those who are a part of it.
Please just BE COURTEOUS!

Resources: deuxdei, FLCL @ Anime Project Alliance, GAINAX official site, The Pillows official site. If you want anything PLEASE check at these sites before bugging the people in the comm for it.

We love GAINAX. GAINAX is good.